Summer Slips Through My Fingers

At least that what it feels like. How can it already be nearly the end of June? How does that happen? Why are some summers long and leisurely and others seem to zip by? I want to enjoy every second of my time with the kids, and it isn't quite happening the way I would like.

One way I'm keeping them close and entertained was through a backyard pool investment. Not bad for $25. Although, it looks like it might still be a bit chilly (check out those goose bumps):

I think we need a lot more sun and a lot more warm water. (Hello, cheese!)

Funny kids! At least they seem to know how to enjoy themselves.


  1. Love the pics of your kids enjoying the outdoors...I read further down your blog about people taking things from your son's resting place. It brought tears to my eyes to think someone could do that, but it does happen, I don't live near my mother's grave anymore, but when I did I would take the time to plant flowers for her and leave little things, she died when I was nine so that place was my only connection to her, and I would get so angry when I would come back and those little things would be gone, or the flowers ripped up. It's just horrible, I don't know why people do these things. I hope it doesn't happen to your family again. Hugs... :)

  2. Great shots. Yes summer is zooming by.
    ~ danni


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