My New Business Plan

I'm thinking of opening a barber shop. I'll bet you didn't know that I can cut hair. Ok, gross over statement. Truthfully? I can cut my son's hair. And I feel confident in cutting his hair because he's only eight and hasn't quite started the personal grooming routine that takes place as a teen including checking the mirror so he doesn't notice the bald spots or the uneven layers I leave behind.

I've never had any formal training, unless you count the "how to" video that came with the home grooming kit that I watched for about 5 minutes. I have no idea what I'm doing. I try to mimic the stylists' method of holding the scissors and comb in one hand. I try to add texture to his hair. But I clearly don't know what I'm doing (and I have several photos to prove that I don't).

Most of the time it turns out fine. We keep a little longer so it hides all the mistakes. Unfortunately that means I have to clip it more often. (Thus the slightly longer hair in summer.)

Once in a while we take him to actual hair salon to get a decent hair cut. Sadly it often results in his chair being chopped, which neither he nor I like. This layout is about one of those visits (you can find all the details about this page here):

Perhaps in the future he will prefer a professional cutting his hair rather than his inexperienced mother. But for now it's a pretty cheap solution to an ongoing situation. Just don't ask me to cut your hair! I promise you won't like the results. ;)


  1. great idea to document a haircut with the goings on that come with them. :)

  2. Lol. My husband cuts all our boys hair and they hate it. Lol
    But he does a decent job.(most of the time). Good luck with ur "new business"

  3. See, that's why you're lucky to have a boy. My girls will not let me anywhere near their hair with a pair of scissors!


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