It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World

This will date me, but have any of you actually seen that movie? It's quite frenetic, but brings back some cool family memories.

It's a little crazy around here as we try to transition into the summer. Our weather has been so odd this year. One of our mountain ski resorts got 10" on Memorial Day! People actually went skiiing and snowboarding because of all the snow. That does not bode well for our rivers, but since it's barely been above the mid 50's lately the river has dropped about a foot (thankfully).

My friend and neighbor held the most clever birthday party for her son. They were mad scientists. She cut white t-shirts up the front, gave them all goggles, and they enjoyed trying all kinds of experiments. I give her mad props for throwing such an involved party.

Here's the layout that resulted from the event (you can find the supplies for completing this layout here):

What cool kid parties have you held or attended? I love hearing your ideas!


  1. Your post made me smile this morning! I love that movie and bought the DVD for my kids to watch. There are 4 kids in my family so whenever anything had to be split growing up, we would kid that you got a share for being a person, a share for being a person in a car... As always, I love your layout too!

  2. My daughter had a very cool Hawaiian party, got all the stuff from Oriental Trading, her friends loved it! Made a pineapple cake and had all the festive decorations for it, turned out to be a blast. My husband is a biochemist, funny I never would have thought of a mad scientist party! lol we may try that...

  3. how cute and creative! love your layout! i am planning my daughter's 6th birthday and want it to be cute and fun, but not sure what we'll do yet!

  4. JLBOhio7:11 PM

    Love the layout as always! We have only thrown family parties for my son so far. Maybe this year, we'll try something fun! He's also only been to Chuck E Cheese type parties...

  5. Adorable lo. We did a pirate party and our whole family dressed for it,even gma. We did a treasure hunt with maps I made and I burnt the edges. At each location on the map, the kids got a small gift, and at the end was a treasure chest full of goodies.
    ~ d

  6. Such cute pictures! And your layout goes great, of course. So glad Jimmy had a good time. I may be doing that party again for the next two, it was so much fun!


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