Can You Guess?

Can you guess what the husband the Little Man have been working on by looking at this picture?

What if I showed you this?
Keep reading for the rest of this story.

What about now?

Yeah. Can you believe it? This is a pinewood derby car cut from the basic kit. Katelyn gave James the idea of making a Warthog from the Halo video game series. James drew up the design. Brett cut it and used the dremmel tool to get its basic shape. Then Jimmy had to sand it all down (that elicited some tears) and help paint it. Brett glued on the shapes (this is all from the kit the Scouts provides) and added a metal gun on the back. Jimmy helped in construction where loss of fingers or eyes wasn't an issue. Then James added some Halo Mega Blocks guys that they zipped tied into the vehicle.

So we were expecting to do well on the "cool" factor, but it actually was quite a fast little car. Maybe because the center of gravity was all in one place.

This project took them over eight hours to complete, but they had so much fun together. I thought James would run out of interest or patience but he stuck with Brett the entire time doing whatever Brett asked him to do. Obviously he's pretty happy about it.

Next year I think they're going to go a little more basic. I'm staying out of it. ;)


  1. That is by far the COOLEST derby car I have ever seen!!!!!! Nice job Jimmy!!

  2. We love pinewood derby! Great car.

  3. Fabulous boys would love this!

  4. WOW!! mikel told me abt "the halo tank." it's even cooler than i imagined! ...needeless to say you have some fans in this household!!!

  5. k, so, i hope it's ok with you...i've included a link to this cool post in my pinewood derby post that i hope to publish w/i a day or two. super cool!!!


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