All Is Well

The boy is on the mend. I'm still wound super tight and probably will be until the first time he is healthy enough to annoy me. Then I will really and truly believe he is well again. Funny how quickly we can return to our routine when all is right again.

Now I'm playing catch up in every aspect of my life, which is somewhat difficult to do as our water heater has decided that it won't produce hot water. That means cold showers, heating water to wash the dishes, and no hot water laundry batches (and after a bout of illness that may mean a trip to the laundramat). I hate it when things go awry. It's so frustratingly distracting. It's always in the back of my mind even when I'm trying to push through other chores. Hopefully we can get it fixed on the cheap as it's still under warranty. We'll see though. I'm not getting my hopes up too much.

While everything slowly returns to normal, I'm trying to crank out some work. I have two American Crafts projects to share with you today. The first is a layout using the "Margarita" line, which is a bright and happy summer line. It's a perfect fit for a layout about my daughter lounging in our pool (you can find the complete supply list here at

Keep reading for an additional project!

The second project is another layout about my daughter. She was an absolute blessing and help while James was sick, and she was quite neglected while we fretted and cared for him. I hate it when one child is left out, but he really did need constant care. So this page is dedicated to her and the amazing things she does for us as a family (you can find the details about this page here, also at 2Peas):

Now I'm off to see how that water heater is coming along. I'm not looking forward to another cold shower.

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