Yes, It's Still Raining!

And I think it might be time to start building the ark. Good grief. I didn't know the heavens could hold this much water. The kids' school swimming party is cancelled once again. This seems to happen every year so they postpone it until the fall. James is handling the news fairly well.

I have a share for you today from the Silhouette blog. I really love my die cutting machines and the Silhouette is definitely crushed upon in this household. I love the ease of the software and how I can download one shape at a time for such an inexpensive price.

The first share is a little card. The card is a word bubble shape, and I just loved it. I added some stamping and some "Puffies" from KI Memories to finish it off. You can read the instructions and find the complete supply list here:

If you're considering purchasing a Silhouette, be sure to follow their blog as they have amazing instructions for using the software and machine.  They are really helpful tutorials.


  1. At first I was going to have sympathy about the rain, but no. Not swimming cuz it's raining? Really? We play football, soccer, have beach days, even BBQ in the rain. Toughen up! Hee, Hee. Sorry Jimmy!!

  2. super cute - love the shape! sorry for all the rain! it's been raining here too quite a bit, on and off. hopefully it will subside!

  3. your card is super cute and fun!!

  4. Very cute!!! I am now teaching card classes and after I pay off my Disney trip in a couple of months, I'm going to take my earnings from my card class and buy a Silhouette. I must have one!!


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