Katelyn's Class

When 2Peas informed us as Garden Girls, that they would be hosting a "Connecting with Creativity" event I was super excited. When Jamie asked if I would like to do a "Collaboration" class with my daughter, I knew what I wanted to do. So with Jamie's permission, Katelyn taught part of this class; and I taught the other part.

You have to know that Katelyn is one of the most talented artists that I know. The girl can draw, doodle, sketch, digitally create, craft, and the list goes on. So I KNEW she was capable of filming a video. She was a little nervous, but once we turned on the camera she's a pro. Yep. I knew it. So be sure to check out the event here. Our class is here!

Here's the video (listen closely and Kate is my voice twin):


  1. uh oh, jen! you better watch it, she might just take over all your freelance positions!

    she did AWESOME! :) can't wait to make some of those beads with my daughter.

  2. She's a natural Jen.
    Great job Katelyn xxx

  3. Like Mother Like Daughter...Great Job Katelyn and of course You Too Jen...xo


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