Happy, Happy Easter!

So it's a little belated, but it didn't make much sense not to include photos which had to be taken during Easter so here you go.

The eggs waiting to be colored. (I blow mine out since we don't have many people here that love hard-boiled eggs.)

Jimmy has to wear gloves to color eggs as he has an allergic reaction to egg whites and yolks. It actually worked well so he was less "inked" up at the end:

Katelyn took the coloring much more seriously than did Jim, but James was kind of over it after about 15 minutes--so much for our BIG project:

Here's the finished product:

After coloring the eggs, the Easter Bunny hid eggs outside and that hunt took all of five seconds (which is normal when you have two very competitive children--wonder where they get that from?):

They did however pretend they were friends afterwards:

And then they divided up their loot:

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny delivers their baskets. The Lego Mini Figures were a big hit:

And then we dressed and attended church. I would call the weekend a happy success!

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  1. Two competitive kids - heehee! They look like they had a lot of fun. :)


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