Over the River

We finally got to visit Brett's parents this weekend. It seems like it's been forever, but with our crazy schedule we don't get to visit family as often as we'd like. So it was so good to see them. Plus my mother-in-law is an AMAZING cook and always puts out a delicious spread. I really love visiting them. The kids enjoyed themselves as well.

Oh, did you want to see how much dirt we put in our garden this weekend? I told you we got a load. We can't spread it out until we have the frame around the garden. But wow. That's quite a pile of dirt!

I have one share today. A 2Peas Gallery project. I am experimenting with lots of new color combinations. Something about the lovely combinations I'm seeing in products these days is completely inspiring me! This documents our long wait for the Disneyland transit bus we waited for every morning of our trip. Sometimes it felt like eternity to the kids. You can find additional photos and the complete supply list here at 2Peas.

Today I plan on working on my "How To" scrapbook article. This article is on buttons--one of my most favorite embellishments. I'm also looking ahead to the next Cricut magazine and some blog posts for our Northridge Publishing Create blog.

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