"WOW #78 Tutorial on the Create Blog Today"

Be sure to check out today's tutorial on adding height to stickers found on the Northridge Publishing Create blog today. You can find additional instructions, photos, and the complete supply list here.

I've also been hard at work redecorating my daughter's room (or is that just decorating when it's never been done before?). I'm always paranoid to paint because every time I've started decorating our homes, we've had to move. I'm digging in this time and doing it. And I started with Kate's room because it dawned on me that I only have four more years with this amazing girl. And I want her to have a retreat that she WANTS to come home to. Suddenly it was very important to me. I'll post some BEFORE pictures. It's still a work in progress at this point.

For those of you that live close I do have some furniture to get rid of. I have a 5 shelf birch bookshelf, and a 5 shelf white bookshelf, and two white lamps with shades that I need outta here. I'll give away the bookshelves for FREE and the lamps for $5 each. Just holler at me if you're interested. (All proceeds go to finishing up Kate's room. LOL! Just thought I'd throw that in here.)

The lamps look a lot like this but have white shades:


  1. LOVE your lo. The flower cut outs create a great illusion. <3


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  2. that layout is gorgeous jennifer! love how you added the wooden numbers in the centers of the flowers.

    hearing you say you only have 4 more years left with you daughter, made me think. i never looked at it that way. that means i only have 3 years left. which cannot be true ... because i've made it clean that she can never leave me. lol!


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