Welcome to the World of Technology

I don't know how to text. Yep. I said it. I still have a landline at home, which is where I work. And I have a "pay as you go" cell phone because I maybe use my cell three times a month. So I've never had any need to text. Just thought you'd like to know that bit of trivia.

Santa brought me an mp3 player for Christmas. I've been having fun downloading songs: a little Journey, some Demi Lavato, perhaps some One Republic. My music tastes tend towards the 80's type hits. But I'm enjoying having songs on my car radio that I actually like. Last night Jimmy told me to turn it to a "boy rock and roll song." Does "The Final Countdown" count?

I've been busy prepping stuff for CHA, meeting with the teacher for parent/teacher conferences, taking down the Christmas tree (finally), and spending some time with extended family. It's been a good weekend, although not super productive. Today I am back into the swing of things and couldn't sleep past 3 a.m. (which means I will probably crash at about 9 a.m.). Thankfully the kids are back in school today.

I think they are ready. I certainly am. I LOVE having them home, but when you have kids that actually enjoy the social and academic aspect of school it's good for them to go back.

I had my niece Friday and Saturday. I love this photo of my niece waking up my daughter (whom she loves dearly):

Want to join a challenge at 2Peas for a chance at a 2Peas Gift Certificate? Then check out the "Natural Frames" challenge this week:

And here's my latest 2Peas Gallery layout, which you can find the supply list for here:

Now I'm off to finish up some laundry and work on some Cricut projects.


  1. beautiful layout! i am just like you - i have a pay as you go phone too and don't know how to text. actually i don't know who i'd text anyway. ha i love 80s music. boy, we have a lot in common! tee hee

  2. Just posted a few weeks ago that my first gift from a boy was a small stuffed dog with a Journey pin on it...love my 80s music!

  3. Love your layout! I also love 80's music and I don't have an mp3 player so you're ahead of that one on me! I do text but only because I don't have unlimited calling on my cell but I can text for free. I text more than I call! :)


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