Taking a Break for a Bit

Just to let you know that I will be "offline" for about a week. But I will be back on Friday the 10th full of words of wisdom. Ok, let's be realistic--it is just me after all.

Thought I'd give you a glimpse into my day today. Woke up around 6 a.m. (late for me) and worked on some Northridge Media blog posts. Worked on a new article for an upcoming idea book--this one's a little out of my comfort zone, which makes me TOTALLY excited. And I played with some new product that I will share with you next Friday (stay tuned).

Barely made it out the door to drop my son off at school as I realized I have emptied my fridge of all viable lunch options. Does string cheese count as a vegetable?

From there I ran into the American Crafts warehouse sale. Don't miss it!! Cardstock packs for $7, people. I was really quite good. I even impressed myself. (Of course I've already loaded up on nearly everything they create so I couldn't truly justify much more products.)

I ran into Northridge Publishing offices only to come face-to-face with a filming crew. Did you know that we share offices with a film company? Yeah. We truly lead glamorous lives. Well, we live vicariously through those who do anyway. Looks like they were filming an office scene of some kind and using the conference room to do it. Pretty cool, right?!

Ran back to the boy's school to volunteer. Whoops! I'm an hour early. Thankfully Jim has an understanding teacher because I had already scheduled an appointment at my "real" time. The little man begged me to stay and have lunch. So I did! Of course I chatted it up with all the munchkins. They say the funniest things like "I like two boys. One of them is my Dad." I giggled and giggled. Jimmy says I know everyone at his school. Wouldn't that be cool?

Back in the car for a meeting with some very creative people and a possible new venture in the works. Can I just say that I love the creative industry? Very blessed!!

And then back to the school to get the boy.

I'm exhausted and have a huge headache. If you live in a blue sky, wintery state you know about "glare headaches." OUCH!! I rarely take headache medicine, but I did tonight.

So it was a good day. Still got gobs to do before I can take a week off, but it's all good.

And here is a gratuitous photos because without one, well, this post would be more boring than it already is. This is from October 2010's Scrapbook Trends:


  1. Have a great week! Love your layout as always

  2. Busy girl!!! I love your page.. just love his sweet smile!! Have a great week!! Hugs!

  3. Well...I'm ready to call it a day after reading this! But sounds great!
    AWESOME layout!!!

  4. Jen, your layout brought tears to my eyes!! WONDERFUL!!! The way you open your heart and soul and express it in a layout: BEAUTIFUL!! God bless!

  5. Jen, loved your layout and the journaling also brought tears to my eyes!!!! I need to print out the text and post it at my desk so I will always remember the time I spend with my son is important and to be treasured and not taken for granted. Thank you.

  6. Okay your page made me cry! No surprise there. Every parent needs to hear that. Love you girl!

  7. have a good week Jen! Sounds like you got a ton done today!!

  8. hope you're enjoying your little break! love this layout!

  9. I hope you enjoyed your break. Sometimes it is one less thing to think about that helps the brain relax. You sound like a busy gal.Blessed in many ways but busy,


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