Home Again, Home Again!
It's good to get away, but it's GREAT to come home especially after a crazy, fun-filled vacation. We snuck away for a week to California to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Legoland. We were blessed with great weather and short lines. And although I have a raging headache from being thrown around on all the rides; and I keep dreaming that I'm standing in a line, I'm very happy that we went.

Working backwards (since my photos are on the hubby's computer), we went to Legoland on Friday. Misty and foggy weather prevailed all day, which was both good because it was cool and bad because it was cool! Still we walked onto every ride without any waiting. This boy is fairly excited to get on the helicopter of his choosing.

One of our favorite parts of this day? Collecting the mini figures. Lego has released bags of one figure for about $2. You don't know what you're going to get. There are about 12 new figures every few months. So we bought a bunch of bags and the kids opened them and put them together. Unfortunately we did get doubles of some of them. So here's the fun part! The workers in the park have Lego name plates with mini figures on them and you can TRADE with them for a different figure. The kids skipped to every ride and venue looking to trade. This took our day from fun to fabulous! It was like a special, private treasure hunt. Totally worth the $2 a bag.

And apparently even lunch is an adventure on vacation. (It had better be at those park food prices. YIKES!!)We really had a lovely time, but it's back to work and real life now. I'll try to share some of our photos from Disney and Universal (which was a complete and utter disappointment) later. Hugs!

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  1. Hello there Miss Jen, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday for today. You've had a sad time recently so I hope you have a great day!!!



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