Happy New Year's Eve!

It has been a less than stellar after the holidays break for us here at the Gallacher household. The husband had to work long hours. I had to work a bit. And then the little man came down with a cold, followed by me getting a stomach thing and now his cold. My throat is so raw this morning.

Our Christmas was lovely, but felt much like this (I was going to delete this photo, but I felt like it communicated the day perfectly):

I think everyone received what they most wanted, including me which was being surrounded by my family in my own home. I love hosting Christmas dinner rather than venturing out. It was a nice day.
We have been practically snowed and iced in the entire week. Another reason I'm not super happy with this "holiday" week. What yucky weather! And it appears that it's yucky nearly everywhere in some way or another. If it's 80 degrees right now for you. I don't want to hear about it. ;)

I have some scrappy projects that I will share later today, but I did want to check in with my readers earlier this morning as it's been a week since I last posted.

What are your hot plans for this evening? Us. Probably cough drops, cold syrup, and a movie or two. Yes. We're such exciting people.

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  1. Happy NEw years Jen! Hope your family recovers soon. We stayed home and watched Rudolph's Shiny NEw Year and my husband lit off some fireworks while my son and I stayed indoors nice & warm to watch. We then watched Dick Clark's countdown and wore our silly hats and used our noisemakers and horns to ring in 2011! Soon after we hit the sack! May 2011 be filled w/blessings.


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