Back in the Thick of Things

I couldn't sleep last night. I found myself staring at my curtains with my mind revving over things I need to accomplish this week and thoughts on my mind. Some of them heavy. Some of them not. Life never slows down does it? I'm beginning to realize that I may never have a time in my life without some kind of stress. That doesn't make me all that thrilled. I either need to let go of some things or learn to relax while I'm busy. It will most likely be the later of the two.

Are you enjoying your holidays? It looks like the Midwest here in the States got wholloped with a doozy of a storm. Brrrr!! Stay warm and stay safe. I thought we might come home to some snow, but the roads and grass are bone dry. Winter typically gets really under way here in January.

To celebrate the holidays, won't you join me for a quick and easy challenge at 2Peas? Two Peas is hosting a "Holiday Sharing" event. Each week a Garden Girl shares a project. You can enter any (and all) of the challenges for a chance to win a gift certificate from 2Peas. This week it's my turn. I'm hosting a "Gift Boxes, Treat Boxes, and Tags" class. You have until January 2nd to enter so there's plenty of time to play along. You can find additional photos, a downloadable pdf, and a helpful video here.

In addition, I have a 2Peas layout to share with you today. I love having a little niece to photograph. It's been so long since my girl was this little. You can find additional photos and the supplies to complete this project here.

And now I'm off to get some of my housework and catch up duties completed!


  1. way cute projects ... so inspiring! i hope you quickly find joy and peace during those times your heart is heavy.

  2. i never cease to be inspired by your work. :)


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