Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

And that is why I'm huddled in my office this early morning with warm socks and a fleece jacket on. Although, my fingers are super cold. I should probably put on some gloves. Once my temperature drops, it's hard for me to raise it back up again.

Just a couple of things today. Today is the last day to create entries for this event at 2Peas:

Are you working on a "December Daily?" I did something different this year and created an advent album. I created cards which I placed on the page and then will take photos of the events and mount them on the facing page. You can find the class, a downloadable pdf, and a video here.

Have you tried "Glossy Accents" yet? Be sure to check out the "Work It Out Wednesday" tutorial on the Create blog here. I used the glossy accents on my chipboard letters below.

Remember that cute little bunny? He has disappeared. And I'm hoping it's to warmer parts as we got 6" of snow the day after we discovered him. We did put out a box with a warm towel and some veggies so hopefully he took a nap before he headed off. We've had some people leaving their pets when they move. I REALLY hope that wasn't the case with this little rabbit. It breaks my heart that people would do that to an animal. We're not pet people--too much work and too many allergies; but I do appreciate a pet owner who cares for and loves their pets. Good for you, people!

And now I'm off to warm my fingers and toes! Stay warm and cozy. :)

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  1. another cute page! I love how simple your pages are but still so striking


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