Have I Shared This One Before?

I can't remember so please excuse me if I have, but it's one of my favorites as it features my lovely niece, Zadie. Man, my sisters make cute babies. Now if only they would let me keep one or two. I got to hold my friend's baby last night, and a little baby envy snuck into my heart. Something about their sugary softness that makes me want one or two more. Sigh. This layout was featured in the "Stories to Tell Article" in September 2010's issue which you can download here.

What are you up in your neck of the woods? I am heading off today to do some Copic Certification. This thrills me to no end, and I appreciate the invitation to attend with some of my favorite designers. I also welcome an entire day of distraction.

We had a little drama on the basketball court last night. Jimmy was messing around with his friend, and they slightly bumped heads (and I mean slightly). Suddenly Jimmy was crying, and when he turned around I saw that he was bleeding from his mouth and cupping his hand around something. His tooth!! Yep. Finally. His second front tooth, which was hanging on by a thread was finally knocked out last night. Of course it was accompanied by lots of dramatic screaming and a fairly heavy blood flow, but I was thrilled to see it come out. Did I have my camera with me, though? Nope! The lighting in an indoor gym at 6:30 p.m. at night is not a happy light so I didn't even think to take my camera with me. I'll have to catch a photo later today or tomorrow of his cute face. Why is it that my kids require some dramatic event to lose their teeth? Could it be that their mother is completely grossed out by all things dental? YUCK!! Normal trauma I can handle, but teeth pulling just makes me shiver.


  1. so cute. I love those clothes pins.

  2. totally understand about pulling teeth. my son's 1st tooth was literally sideways when i offered to pull it for him. it had been years since i've had anything to do with teeth coming out. i yanked on it, it came out & i thought i was going to pass out! what is it about pulling those little chicklets that can make moms want to faint? that was the last time i offered to pull a tooth!



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