Back to Work to Find Some Peace

Working distracts me. It brings me joy. I feel creative. I feel, for a moment, lost in the creativity. I'm very grateful for having an outlet that allows me to share my memories and feelings. I feel quite lucky about that.

I am easing back into the grind. A small little tender mercy that I have to share with you. The first week of November I was able to work through some work projects faster than I ever have. I thought it was simply so that I could go and stay several days with my brother while my Mom worked. Now I know it was the Lord allowing me to have an open week to mourn and celebrate my brother. I am so grateful for that time!

I have a few things I wanted to share with you. One is a "Work It Out Wednesday" project on the Create blog. Tricia sent me some of her Epiphany Crafts Button and Epoxy makers, which are the coolest things! You know how I love my buttons! Here is the layout. Be sure to visit the post here for additional photos, instructions and a complete supply list:

Secondly, 2Peas is hosting "Holiday Cardmaking Weekends" with some of the Garden Girls and fabulous designers from the gallery. Be sure to check out my weekend on "shine" which started Friday. You can find the supplies, the videos, and the downloadable pdfs here.

Do you want to be a part of an upcoming 2Peas event? Be sure to check this out:

Thank you again for your love and support with my brother, Mark!


  1. i'm glad you were able to be lost in creativity, your projects are fantastic. i hope you and your family feel God's comfort and peace. thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

  2. Jen, I have not been able to get you out of my mind. I am happy to see you back but so very sorry for another heartbreaking knock that life has given you. Please know that you are being thought of and loved.


  3. It's aweosme that you're feeling like doing some creating. It always helps me deal with things. :)
    - April W

  4. So good to hear Jen that crafting is helping you get through hard times, I find it very therapeutic. Thanks for sharing you amazing talent and once again thanks for the wonderful weekend of "Shine", your sweet cards are absolute darlings.

  5. Thinking of you, Jen!


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