Wish Me Luck!

So today's the big day--my scrapbook/garage sale. I need to take a photo of the madness. At least I hope it will be madness. I have so much stuff to sell. And I really do want it to sell. I've spent hours kitting items and organizing items and pricing cheaply so that people can quickly find what they want and leave. I know there are other sales they will probably want to get to.

Jimmy wanted to set up a little candy table and Kate is selling some of her old Polly Pockets and Barbies, as well as, some hair flowers she has made (yet another talent I didn't realize she has). I love my little entreprenuers.

Between work, church items, and hanging out with my brother it has been a VERY full week. I told my husband last night that I'm tired. Not sleepy tired (although I did sleep pretty well last night), but rather life tired. Next week is equally busy, but mangeable. I have a good life, and I shouldn't complain. :)

I wanted to share one project with you. This was sent out with the latest Northridge Publishing newsletter. I love using vintage notebook paper on projects. If you are not yet receiving our weekly newsletter e-mails, be sure to sign up here.

Now I am off to hang up my garage sale signs and purchase some ice for the boy to sell some soda pop. Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. good luck!.. m sure it'll go great!.. can't you PLEASE consider having an online garage sale??.. just for the love of your international fans!.. pleaseee :)
    and the layout is super cute! :D

  2. If there are items left over, maybe we could do an online sale. :)

  3. Jen - Just caught up on your blog - I have been sick for a week and not online much. Just wanted to tell you I love you even though we have never met in person. I care so much about you and your strength inspires me always. Your upbeat attitude shames me on days like today when I have had a bad week and want to hide from the world. You are truly an inspiration. I hope your yard sale went well! Wish I could have been there!

  4. Wow! So fun. I'd love to hear how you kitted your items. I've been wanting to do the same. Hope it was a success!

  5. you have no idea how i wished i lived close to you so i could go to your sale.lol
    got a clip it up (at a great deal)? i'll buy it.

  6. hope it was a success! :)

  7. this is stunning .. WOW. I love your use of product on a page and it is not over done. How did the sale go boo?


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