School Open Houses

I feel a little better about today being the first day of school because yesterday's Open Houses went so well for both of the kids.

Jimmy has been somewhat apathetic about his return to school--typicaly boy response I think. But yesterday when we went and had the opportunity to meet his teachers he was in his glory. He ran around the classroom checking out everything. After about an half hour, I told we really should leave. His teachers teased him that he could just sleep under the desk until school today. He really wanted to hang out for a while longer. I'm so grateful for teachers that make the connection with kids. It will be a good year for him I think.

A few hours later we were off to the Junior High for Katelyn's Open House. First she set up her locker (she plans this for days):

And then we were off to meet her seven teachers. She has taken on a big load this year: four honors classes, a technology class, yearbook, and then of course, art. She is so thrilled and super excited!! I just can't believe how quickly the time has passed. I took a few parting shots in a secret part of the school (so no one would know I was photographing her--although she didn't seem to mind that her embarassing Mom brought the camera).

And then later that evening, we took the kids for shaved ice for our Family Home Evening (every Monday we spend time together as a family doing an activity or discussing faith-based topics). I think it was a great way to end the summer.

And in just a few hours from now I will be watching them head off for the year. Amazing!


  1. Hope the first day of school went well! I think your daughter's locker is cool. My son just started middle school, and they have lockers only half the height of hers! (And it's a good thing my son has a bottom locker, because he's...well, short. ;))

  2. i'm laughing at cynthia's comment. at the high school, some of the lockers are actually stacked 3 high, so they're not huge. but i told alyssa that she better get a bottom locker, since she's so short. lol! and i'm jealous that you have a daughter that doesn't mind you bringing your camera places like school ... alyssa would have given me the evil eye. lol!

  3. wow, very very pretty kids!! (I'm from Germany, hope I expressed it well.
    best wishes, Maria


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