My Freaky Friday Moment

Ok, so it was actually a Silly Saturday moment; but last night my husband was coming to bed after working on some computer stuff and I looked over at the clock. 4:44 a.m. AGAIN!! What are the chances. Weird huh? But so totally cool.

I'm glad I'm not the only person that loves Friday the 13th. Weddings and birthdays make the day extra special.

So do any of you film yourselves scrapbooking? Would you like to win a Flip video camera?

Be sure to check out this post on the Create Blog. My daughter wants to win it, but I had to explain to her that as a daughter of someone that works for Northridge Publishing she can't even enter. But wouldn't that be fun:

So if you have something fun on camera or want to start. Now's the time to do it!! I can't wait to see you on film.

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