Just One of the Reasons Why I Can't Do Pets

I hate to say good-bye. You can understand why I feel that way. I just hate the pain of losing people and things I love. And when my son's lizard passed away after just a few short weeks, it reminded me of one of the reasons why I just don't like having pets. I'm just not brave enough knowing that someday I'll have to let them go. :(

You can see more photos of the this layout, along with the supplies here at 2Peas:

On another note, anyone have an antidote for a life schlump? Just feeling in a funk and can't seem to shake it. I think I need some time away. Some time to myself, but that feels so selfish sometimes. But I think I need to shake off the cobwebs and feel energized again.

So . . .

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you do when you're in a funk?


  1. Hello Jen,

    When I am in a funk, Shopping for shoes makes me feel good but then I feel guilty afterwards -- thank goodness I am able to return!!! But "giving" to a charity or helping others always makes me feel better whether its a donation of any kind (cash, food, clothes, scrapbook supplies, etc.) or of your self (time, skills, kind words, etc.) that instantly makes me feel good. Also fabulous feedback and love from family and friends! You are a talented designer and I love to read your blog -- congrats on the new gig at American Crafts that's exciting!

  2. I'm been in a shlump for a few months now. No creative energy for work, no passion for my passions, etc. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!
    I think getting away for yourself can sometimes be the best medicine and a happy Momma is good for the whole family. I just planned a last minute trip for next week to fly out to the Utah Shakespearean festival. (I live in GA so this is totally unusual for me!) Just me and my sisters- HOPEFULLY it will be just what I need to get my groove back. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR QUEST!

  3. I just had lunch yesterday with a friend - we're both divorced and our children are a little older - and we were kind of talking about how guilty women always feel when they anything for themselves. It's such a shame. I don't mean this to sound like man- or husband- bashing, but they don't feel guilty if they a weekend to go play golf with friends once a year. So if you need to take a weekend to visit a friend (preferably one without children!) or your mom and dad or even just book a hotel someplace you might like to hike, or one with a nice pool that you could read next to.

    Everyone needs a break. You DESERVE a break! And your kids will miss you and be happy to see you when you get back, but they won't think less of you or bad or think you're not a good enough mom. And when you come back you'll be so happy to see everyone and be back in your own home...

    At any rate, I hope you figure what works for you.

    In the meantime, love visiting your blog and I'm so excited to see what you create with AC! Congrats!

  4. I buy a ticket to Seattle and meet my sister for a weekend away. We hit all the local scrapbook stores, the Cheesecake Factory and watch every chick flick in theaters!

  5. I absolutely know what you mean about pets...we had to put our doggy down last week... I love all of the memories, but I deal with death horribly... I've been in that same funk though... I end up going and getting myself a little retail therapy...good for me, bad for the pocketbook!

  6. SERVICE!!!! When I am in a funk I try to do some service for someone else. Guaranteed to help you feel better.

  7. it just depends on whether i feel like i need to have some alone time or not. (being a stay at home mama, alone isn't too often). sometimes i like to meet up with a friend for lunch and maybe shopping and definitely lots of laughing. other times i like to just take an afternoon (always during the day not an evening because i will feel guilty leaving the family, weird i know). but i might just take an afternoon and indulge in a starbucks while running errands and put the top down on the jeep and turn up the music louder than usual and go for a drive. knowing i'm coming home to my awesome family makes me happy and ready to get back. and i also count my blessings and give thanks during my solo trip out too. :) and i remind myself how much i love my family and they love me its okay to take a mini break and do something for myself.

  8. Kim B6:19 PM

    Maybe a manicure and/or pedicure while reading a good gossip magazine??!

  9. sorry about the lizard ... but you made a really great layout about it. i really love the design, and your journaling is perfect!

    when i feel in a funk, i realize that nine times out of ten, i just need time alone. i work at home, so i'm here ALL the time. but i'm usually surrounded by people, and kids, and little ones. i do my work, in between everyone else's wants and needs. so what i love more than anything, is just to have everyone else leave the house. while it's good to get out and about, and get away by myself. sometimes, what i need is just to be home by myself. lol! so i can do all the things i love, but without interruption.

  10. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Call a friend -- there's nothing like a close girlfriend to pull us out of our slumps! Go shopping, out for a Starbucks, scrap together...and you will most likely feel great again at the end of the day!
    Hang in there, and as my mom always reminds me, "This too shall pass" :)

  11. Sorry to hear about your Lizard, Jen. We had to put our 16-year-old cat down at the end of July, so this is a topic that's close to my heart right now. It's funny how attached we can get to an animal, and what an impact they have on our lives, whether it's been 16 years or only a few weeks that we've had them.

    Sometimes when I need to recharge I try and do something that I enjoy, but that I don't tend to do usually. Something like a historical walk around town, browsing at the library for a couple hours by myself, sitting on a bench by the water reading and people-watching, or even getting a cup of coffee at the coffee shop and sitting there enjoying it alone while letting my mind wander.

    Of course, sometimes I recharge by locking myself away with my scrapbooking and crafting supplies and doing something creative, or by browsing a local scrapbooking store on an on-line gallery gathering ideas and inspiration.

    And sometimes doing a "deep-clean" at home is just what I need to get out of a funk, tackling a project that's been hanging over my head for a while (cleaning out the freezer, organizing the garage, going through the closets, or sorting through boxes in the basement). The feeling of accomplishment when I'm finished something I've been wanting/needing to do is always a big boost to my mood.

    I think the key to a "successful recharge" is knowing what's got you in a funk, and then addressing that specific thing.

    Hope you are back to yourself soon, and that you find the thing that will improve your mood!


  12. When I feel like that I take time for myself. Normally it's to NC to visit my friend. There is nothing like some girlie giggles, eating what you want, having a **gasp** HOT dinner, and a **gasp** HOT shower all to yourself with out somebody needing something or 3 pair of eyes watching you.

    What might be slightly unusual about when I go away is that when I am away, I don't miss my kids. (Don't get me wrong, I love them to death and would do anything for them.) Does that make me a bad mother? I'm not sure.

    The thing is, I know that ever since they were concieved my life has been all about them. Every minute of every day and even during the night. I'm with them 24/7/364. Perhaps the reason why I don't miss them is because I know that I am going back to them, that they will still be there running through the house when I turn the key in the door and life will go on as normal. They won't be scarred or have suffered in any way as a result of my being away. They are with their Daddy and my folks and my sister take an extra special interest in seeing them more often when I am away too. So I know that their days are taken up with things to do and people to see and they probably don't miss me too much either. I'm not overly concerned what people think either about my holiday habits without my kids, again, because I know that 24/7/364 I am with them.

    I often wonder why women feel like they need to nearly whisper about wanting some time by themselves as if it's a bad thing. The fact that we are all so present in our children's everyday lives is a testament to just how much we love them. A few days away isn't going to change that. The only difference is that when we return, we are re-energised, we have slept some and we have new stores of patience. All of which can only benefit the children. IMHO :-)

    (sorry you asked yet??? ROFLOL)


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