Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Little Disappointed in People

Last night we finally got to go to see Joseph's grave. Brett had decorated it just before Memorial Day but the rest of us had not yet had the opportunity to go. Imagine our disappointment when we pulled up to find that our hanging baskets had been stolen. And then upon further examination, we realized that someone had pulled the Clone Trooper from the back of his tombstone. We were so hurt! Who would desecrate a child's grave? My husband was especially hurt. This is just one of the ways that he still takes care of Joey. I hardly knew how to comfort him. What should have been a sweet and tender experience was marred by someone else's thoughtlessness. Some of the beautiful flowers and decor were still there and the kids collected pine cones to put on his grave, but I'm still really disappointed that someone would do that to another human being. I just don't understand. :(

I'm trying to think positive thoughts about. Maybe a little child pulled off the Clone Trooper. Still wouldn't his parents wonder where he got it. I hope someone that really loved flowers took the hanging baskets (but this is the second year in a row so we're starting to feel a little targeted). I don't know.

On a definitely more positive note, I can share some of my Bo Bunny guest designer projects now. :) I cannot tell you what a sweet and welcoming team they have over there. Not to mention what fabulous designers they are! What a great group of people! You can see their fabulous designs on their blog here.

Here is my layout focusing on "Dad." That "man" sticker just speaks to me. I love graphic stickers like that. I kind of built the page around that one little sticker. I layered those arrow stickers with pop dots and then trimmed them up. Gotta love a camo pattern. :)

And here is my layout using the "Paradise" line. I wanted my photo to match the muted colors in the papers so I toned down the colors in Photoshop. It works perfectly now! This line is great for summer and for the beach. Gorgeous rust oranges and denim blues in this line, with a pop of bright yellow. Love it!

And don't forget to check out today's "Work It Out Wednesday"  on the Scrapbook Trends Blog which features the I-top Tool from Imaginisce. You can find the instructions here.

I'm off to celebrate with my daughter her final day of freedom before she gets her braces. Poor thing. :(


  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    I am so sorry! I don't understand. I can't even imagine something like that being done. I hope that next time you visit, someone has done or left something beautiful instead. I truly believe for every act of hate, anger, disrespect or ignorance, there is an offsetting act of love, respect, gratitude and kindness. Again, I'm so sorry. Hugs Lisa L.

  2. hey.. dont bother about people.. they cn be bloody rude sometimes.. m holding myself frm using the f word hre.. sorry to hear bt that..
    and i love the project :)
    hugs to u!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that someone did that!! How truly terrible!!! I too hope someone will leave something beautiful the next time you visit!! I love the pages!! The edited photo is perfect with the colors! I love the design on the other!! Hope you have a great day and your daughter enjoys her last day of freedom! DD#2 needs braces as well, as did DD #1.. ours needs that expander that you have to turn every night!! Ugh!

  4. i came across your blog awhile back and also read through some of your archives of your journey through losing your boy. to read about your latest experience, well that's really heartbreaking. sounds like your togetherness as well as your faith gets you through things like this. on a happier note, your projects are awesome! :)

  5. Sandy9:06 AM

    How horrible. I am so sorry that happened to you. Thoughtlessness runs out of control.

  6. How terrible that someone would do that--I can't imagine. So sorry:(

  7. I KNOW Jen..sometimes when I see things like that I just shake my head and think what has this world come to? So sorry..I know your hearts were broken when you saw that...

    Your layouts are SO amazing! :)

  8. So sorry to hear this - it's just not right, and I don't understand it.
    On a postive note, I just have to praise your layouts- I esp. Love the Paradise page with the surfboards. So cool!
    Good luck to your daughter on her braces. It'll all be worth it when she sees her beautiful smile. :)

  9. Words fail me. People will never cease to surprise and disgust me. I'm so sorry.

  10. oh girl,
    i am so sorry to hear this. that is a shame. my heart goes out to you and your family.

  11. Jennifer,
    I am so sorry. There are no words that can put understanding to why someone who do those things to your beautiful Joey's memorial. Sending lots of love to your entire family.


  12. Jen - that is beyond my comprehension. My Mom and I were just talking a few hours ago about how mean people are and how we don't understand it. She is a widow and someone exploded a firecracker in her mailbox and broke her flag off just for spite. She lives in a super nice neighborhood too. Now that does not COMPARE to what happened to you. But your experience just adds to my horror and shock at the hatefulness that abounds in this world!!

  13. So sorry to read this...what is WRONG with this world? Some people are so thoughtless and mean.

  14. I'm sooo sorry to read this! I too have experienced scares me to know that such heartless, inhuman people exist.

    I LOVE your layouts!

  15. I'm so sorry that you and your family went through that. I can only imagine how your hearts must have sank...I wanted to offer a small help. I'm sure that advice isn't what you you need but perhaps checking with the property director to make sure that the don't routinely pick up items after a period of time may clear up why your baskets consistently disappear? In any case my heart goes out to you.

  16. Jen...I wanted to send a ((HUG)) and tell you how sorry I am. This has happened to us more than one time at my sister's grave as well. Flowers gone, flags stolen and nightlights taken as well. I don't understand and I never will!!

  17. Jen my heart is hurting for you and your family. I know how hurtful it would be if something were taken from my mom or dads grave. I also don't understand how someone could do this. Hugs and Prayers Always.

  18. Sorry that someone completely thoughtless took the flowers and Clone Trooper that you had left for Joey. Praying that their hearts will soon be touched by God, that they will think back on what they did, and that something good will come of it in the end.


  19. So sorry to hear this. Some time ago I heard about your blog from someone and have been checking in since. My heart breaks for your family and I am so very sorry someone cold and heartless did this to you!!!




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