Kites: "The Stamps of Life" Release

I'm baa-aaak!! Yep. Back from our Memorial Day weekend trip to Park City. It was a fun/strange mix of adventure time. We got off several hours later than we'd planned. Boooo! :( And when we checked into the hotel the one bedroom with separate living/dining room didn't have a door to separate the two spaces. Seriously? Isn't that called a "studio"? (Each of these spaces is individually owned and decorated but operated by the hotel.) And guess what? NO air conditioning. Unless you call opening a window at night to cool off air conditining. Good grief. And our second day there we were awakened by the blaring sound of the fire alarm to which we evacuated in our pj's. Luckly there was no fire and the we were able to return back to our rooms within minutes (although no staff appeared at the front desk or anywhere else to guide people back).

Still we got away. We REALLY needed some time away. And we did some shopping at the outlets. Talk about scary amazing sales. Entire stores with 40% off. Aeropastle jeans for $10. Seriously. I didn't get much for me. My wardrobe really doesn't need to change. But my long-legged, no bum children seem to need new pants every other month so I was happy to stock up on a few things. We got some things for next school year since some of the fall items were clearancing out. Now hopefully my kids don't outgrow everything by then. Sigh.

I have some pictures to download, but I will do that later. :)

First off, I have some cards/projects to share with "The Stamps of Life" latest release that went live this morning!

First off is a book mark I created using the kites2fly stamp set:

The second is very similar but I used stamping ink to create both the bows on the kite tail and for the pattern on the actual kite:

Here is another take but with a darker color scheme. I can't decide, but those clouds might be my favorite stamp on this set. LOL!

And then I wanted a super simple, easy-to-create card so I used the small triangle in the kite to create a border:

This is a darling set and a perfect addition to your stamps. You can find it here!


  1. all of these are adorable!

  2. I adore that bookmark, but they all are fantastic!!

  3. sounds like quite an adventure! and no air conditioning? that's just crazy.

    have i ever told you that you're the queen of card making ;) your cards always have such amazing detail and interest, in such a small space. looks like some fun stamps :)


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