Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Angel has a Sister . . .

A twin in fact, and since her family has given permission for her story to be told here I thought it would be all right to link you to it. This is the little girl that broke my heart the other day. Can you imagine the suffering of her twin sister? Would you like to help?

My friend, Jennifer McGuire is doing a card drive for positive and uplifting cards for Ellie's surviving sister, Grace. Let's lift Grace's spirits and send her a card or two. I know that my kids loved receiving packages when their big brother was ill and after he passed. And anything we can do to help is a GREAT thing!

The details can be found here on Jennifer's blog.


  1. Hi Jen! I just cried a river reading about Ellie. Do you know how old Grace is?

  2. I am not sure Tracie. I'm guessing between 6 and 10 by the looks of their beautiful photo. Jennifer may know, however.

  3. Tears....Ellie and Grace were born 10/31/2001, as indicated in their family's Caring Bridge website.

  4. this is so sad...breaks my heart. Its amazing how strong her family is. I can't even imagine her poor sister.

  5. Grace is almost 9. I have followed this story for months now. It was a sad/happy thing for me to read that Ellie finally got her angel wings. She suffered so much at the end.


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