Stress Sharers

Do you share stress when someone else is feeling wound up? Whoa! I so do that. Katelyn had a book report due today, which means, like always she started on it last night. Now she may leave these projects 'til the last minute, but she goes ALL OUT on them. I left her at 9:30 p.m. thinking she had a couple of hours to complete it--it was a diorama project. I let her sleep in this morning because 9:30 p.m. is typically her bedtime so I figured she would be pretty tired.

She was exhuasted and could barely pull herself out of bed.

When I asked her what time she got to bed, she said 1 a.m.!!! I felt so bad. :(

I don't typically help with her projects unless it's something only I can get her or do. It's her homework so I stand back and offer help but let her do her thing. But I had no idea my thirteen year old would be up that late. And she wasn't even completely finished. If I had thought I could have helped, I would have. Poor baby!

I'm sure she'll do great. Like I said, she goes all out. But the tension and stress in the car this morning was tangible and it was all I could do to keep calm. (It might as well have been my homework for all the stress I was feeling.) When I mentioned to Jimmy as we were driving off that I was worried about her, he said, "I said a little prayer for her." WOW! I really have great kids. I told him there probably wasn't anything better he could do for her, and she was REALLY lucky to have a little brother like him. Man, these kids amaze me!

I'm still struggling to decompress after the vacation. Does wandering around the house aimlessly count as being productive? Sheesh. I transition so poorly. :(

I am trying to be creative today. Wanted to make some cards with Little Yellow Bicycle products. I think the Clothesline products make the most beautiful Mother's Day cards so I wanted to make some for the special Mom's in my life: my Mom (don't peek Mom), my Mother in Law, and my Grandmother who are all very good women! Here's the first two (I'll work on the rest tomorrow):

* Card (craft supply)
* Cardstock: Prism, Bazzill
* Clothesline paper tablet: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Favorite Felt Stickers: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Journal Tablet: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Seamstress Pattern Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Fresh Verse Cardstock Stickers: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Chipboard Embellishment Stickers: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clear Cuts: Little Yellow Bicycle

* Card: craft supply
* Cardstock: Bazill
* Clear Cut Die Cuts: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Stamp: Hero Arts
* Stamping Ink: Stampin' Up
* Pearls: Hero Arts
* Sunny Day Dot pattern paper: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Epoxy Chipboard Buttons: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Journal Tablet: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Favorite Felt Pieces: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Paper Tablet: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Clothesline Ribbon: Little Yellow Bicycle
* Twine: craft supply

Now I need to finish up the laundry, mow the grass, pick up the kids, take clothes to the dry cleaners, take Jimmy to soccer, and attend a meeting tonight. Busy, busy, busy. Isn't that just how life is?


  1. Your cards are very beautiful...and peaceful.

  2. you are a GREAT mom! my DD has a castle project due in a week--it's crazy in debt I'm trying to help without doing it for her....ugh! Love what you boy said--so sweet, I love those bright sunshiny moments with my kids. Makes the not so shiny worth it! Chin up you'll acclimate to real life quickly!
    Love the cards!

  3. Love the cards! I can relate to you stressing when your child stresses. It doesn't take much to stress me out though - I'm working on that! :)


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