The Music of Our Life

When I saw this "Mix Tape" kit from 2Peas, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. Brett has always sung to both the kids and I whenever the mood strikes him. It's both annoying and hilarious. I had to document this part of our family history. I'm sure the kids will want to remember this side of him even though right now it kind of bugs them. LOL! You can find the products I've used here at 2Peas:


  1. Sandra A8:42 AM

    Love it! Thanks for the reminder to capture all these little things that make up "family".

  2. what a great memory to scrap ... very cool!

  3. that's cute! i'm the same way, which might annoy you also ... i turn everything into a related song. my girls roll their eyes at me a lot. lol! isn't that a fun digital kit? i bought it, and have a layout started about my favorite music.


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