Mother's Day

I got to speak in our church yesterday. I was happy to have the opportunity to speak on women who have influenced my life, especially my own mother. My mother was a great blessing (and continues to be a great blessing) in my life. She was a constant in my life, and I always say she was blessed with the talent of consistency because when my Mom said something she meant it and she followed through. I wish I had that skill too. She is just one of those stalwart woman who does what she knows is right and serves other people and takes care of us kids (and her grandkids). Her mother and my husband's mother are equally amazing. Add to that amazing women in my life and I feel pretty blessed. It's good to be reminded of that!

The kids took good care of me. I got have a Sunday afternoon nap--sweet! :) I also got the new Sense & Sensibility movie. The movie Stardust. And a tub of sugar-free ice cream. Katelyn wrote me an amazing poem during church and Jimmy created a cute little interview book for me at school. I felt spoiled rotten.

I wanted to show you the progress we've made on our front porch:

And here's the poured cement. Imagine flowers in that area next to the fence:

And then we went to dinner at Grandma Gallacher's house where Jimmy learned the fine art of this game:

It was a good day, and I feel very blessed. :) Now on to an extremely full week. Sheesh!


  1. It's looking great!!

  2. Ack! I LOVE Croquet! And we actually broke out our set yesterday, too. :) Sounds like you had a beautiful day . . . well, except for the speaking in church part. Hehehe! I would have been nervous. I've always thought they need to let the mom's "rest" from stuff like that on Mother's Day and make the guys do the talks. ;)
    Your front porch is so adorable and welcoming! LOVE the pops of red. :)

  3. Way to go lady! It looks so fresh and clean. :)


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