Double Page and Up to My Eyeballs . . .

in work that is. To keep on top of my work schedule I create a little calendar in word with each item's due date and the day(s) I plan to work on the project. I highlight each project according to the company to which it is for. But this month, I'm heading out of town on Friday so I'm crunching things to be able to sneak away. Add to that some busy church stuff and you get something like this after sending an e-mail to a lady who you believe is in your church's congregation . . .

Hi, Jen!

It’s great to hear from you. It’s been a while now. I think this e-mail went to the wrong [person], but if you need an extra meal, let me know. [removed to protect the innocent] isn’t too far away. ;)

Enjoy the day!

CK Editor

Yep. In trying to arrange meals for a lady in our ward (congregation) who just had a baby, I accidentally e-mailed a CK Editor. Thank goodness she has a great sense of humor. Oh good grief. Obviously there is some better juggling I'd better do. LOL!

Yesterday my last May layout went up in the gallery at 2Peas. I've been hoarding these American Crafts stickers. I love calendar type items--it's that constant desire to be organized I suppose (even when I fail miserably). You can find the items to purchase here at 2Peas:

Well, I'm off to work on those projects. I have some fun items in the works. So fun!! :) I feel very blessed to get to craft as my job.


  1. Oh bless your heart! Glad to see I'm not the only one who does kooky things. Love your layout!!! :)

  2. Jennifer, You're not alone...we all have days like that!

  3. I do things like that more than I'd like to admit! Too funny!

  4. I love that! You are too cute!


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