Where did our Spring weather go? I mean our WARM spring weather! I've had to turn my heater on several nights this week, and after having some lovely days in the mid 60's before we left for California I just can't warm up. Last night I wore socks to bed. I don't like socks on my feet at night. I also had to put our heavy winter blanket on top of the bed because even balled up I was freezing to death. I hope the kids stayed warm. Right now I'm trying to warm the house up to 60 degrees. It just seems so strange to be turning on the thermostat this late in the season. I wouldn't be surprised if we had another snow storm before the month was done. It happens some times.

Katelyn's project turned out great, but her teacher wasn't there so she presented it to the sub. She was exhausted last night and when I went to check on her she had already crashed. Poor thing! She did get some time with her really great group of friends. I'm grateful she has such a polite, sweet group of friends. It's easier to trust they are behaving themselves when they are together. I hope they continue to remain friends!

I created a project for the Scrapbook Trends blog that went up this morning. It's a quick tutorial on how I create my journaling paper strips. You can find the tutorial here and a supply list as well. I tried to use a bunch of great product that I've been hoarding. It's fun to see how things come together. :)

Today I REALLY need to clean my office and mow the lawn. If I accomplish just those two things, I will feel much less stressed. And that is a VERY good thing. :)


  1. I know! I'm so ready for a REAL Spring, too! :) LOVE this page with all the fun touches and Primary colors. :)

  2. Love the colors! Can't wait to see that tutorial--I love the look of journaling strips, but find them SO annoying to make--so I usually just handwrite instead:)


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