Back from San Francisco!!

And, boy, am I tired! How come a "vacation" wears me out so much? LOL!

We got the kids off to the babysitters (thanks Aunt Jodie), and then we headed up to the airport to be greated by this little number:

For those of you that know how much I just LOVE flying (not), you'll understand my trepidation. Still the flight was very smooth and super fast so no worries.

We got some dinner and crashed at the hotel that night (all the stress of flying does me in).

Then we got up and walked around China Town. Not really what I was expecting. Lots and lots of shops filled with the same thing. Still it is a cool atmosphere and the weather was gorgeous!

Lunch and a loooooooong nap. We're getting older. I can tell. Hee, hee. We look forward to naps these days.

Oh, I HAVE to show you the interior of our hotel. Check out this couch:

You gotta love the boutique hotels in San Francisco! :)

That night we went to see this:

It is absolutely AMAZING and exceeded every expectation I had about it. It literally blew me away, and when Elshaba sings "Defying Gravity" I got misty-eyed (I tend to do that when someone's talent is so real and so amazing--it moves me to tears).

Saturday we drove out to Calistoga. Now that is "my" kind of California. Wine country is one of the most gorgeous places on earth (and I don't even drink). My brother married his beautiful sweetheart at a winery under the most beautiful blue sky. I'm so happy to have Elizabeth as my sister. She's just an amazing woman! Their daughter Amelia is just adorable and reminds me so much of my brother. It was a perfect day for them, and I felt great peace all day long.

The flight back was, thankfully, equally quick and now I'm back with my two hooligans. I missed them like crazy and from the way they're hugging on me, they missed me too! :)


  1. Welcome back. Our Spring break trip to CA was fun too (Disneyland), but it wasn't relaxing. Seems like we need a vacation after the vacation. I'm not sure why we tried to play so hard. I need to learn how to plan a relaxing vacation.

  2. did it! Vacations totally exhaust me! ;)
    Gorgeous photos...and what a CUTIE in that little dress...sugar!

  3. I loved hearing about your vacation - I miss San Francisco and the wine country.

  4. I am just over the hills in Sonoma cty from Calistoga. Glad you had a good trip and the weather was good. Spring is such a pretty time around here until the rains stop and the grass dries up! Then the hills become the California "Gold".


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