Giddy and Guilty!

This is the first house we've ever lived in where I've really got to plan and plant something. Really. Our first two places were little student rentals--no planting there. Our first real house, my father surprised us and planted nearly our entire front yard and then Brett lost his job and we had to sell the house and move to Georgia. We rented in Georgia for the first two years, and then owned the second two years. By the time I started to even deal with the overgrowth, we were moving again. A year in my Mom's house while house hunting and Joey was sick so no planting there. And then in this house. Our first two years our yard budget was eaten up by the fences we helped our three neighbors put in. OUCH! But I felt it was really important to be a good neighbor. So this truly is the the first time I've EVER got to plan and execute any kind of a plant plan.

After my wedding shower yesterday, Brett and I headed out to Home Depot where we got some shrubs!! Woohoo!! I'm serious. I'm totally giddy over it. My sweet husband helped me plant them after his 17 hour marathon training run. Yes. He really is my hero.

Here is a photo of the finished product:

But the funny thing? I feel so guilty for doing it. Weird, huh? Because I've never got to do it, it's feels a bit uncomfortable. After 17 years of marriage I'm getting to do this, and I feel GUILT?? Oh good grief. I wonder what it is? I'm working through it. We're paying cash for everything so there really is no need to feel this way. I have a plan, and I'm following it. I really don't get it. Oh well. I think I must have a built-in guilt mechanism. Silly.

But I thought I'd share our little triumph because every time I see it, I get VERY excited!

Here's one last photo you can see my bare porch and the how the shrubs look up against the house. I'm browsing gardening books, which I have done the ENTIRE time we've been married and I've got BIG plans I tell ya. LOL!


  1. The shrubs look great, and you're going about things the right way - lots of research and planning, and then do a bit at a time. In 10 years you'll have a beautiful, thriving garden and will be totally happy each and every time you go outside!!!

    I'm sooooo excited for you!


  2. That looks awesome! And I am such a bad neighbor to not have even noticed yet! I guess I don't watch your house often enough...

  3. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Awesome Jen! Sometimes I think we need to give ourselves permission to just bask in the moment and accept it for what it is -- let go of that guilt and accept that your time has come to have shrubs! :) They look fabulous!


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