Snow, Snow Suck Your Toe All the Way to I Don't Know!

How can I complain about the snowy weather when someone so kindly pointed out this morning, that is a heavenly invention for fresh, spring rivers? Sigh! (I'm complaining on the inside though.) ;)

How is that a productive day can still relate in bluesy feelings? Being a girl is so fabulous! Brett always says that Katelyn (our daughter) got in the wrong line in heaven. It irks her, but he laughs. I'm not sure guys have it all that easy, but still. More sighing! (I think I'm going to be doing that a lot today.)

I cleaned my office. Piles are gone and EVERYTHING! Which meant I had to sit down and mess it up again. My husband's right (he doesn't need to know that). A clean office leads to more creativity.

I recently had a new layout go up at 2Peas for one of my Garden assignments. I bought two stamps last month from 2Peas just because I loved them. It wasn't until I got them home and saw them that I realized one was a honeycomb background and the other had bees. Talk about subliminal messages. :)

You can see the layout, the supplies, and more details photos here at 2Peas:

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? As soon as I can meet up with my Mom, I'm hoping to read this book:

I don't know much about it other than lots of people on Goodreads liked it. I'm hoping that I do too!

Well have a great Sabbath day!


  1. Love your layout--as always!

  2. I read that book a few years ago. I think I liked it, LOL! It was one of those books (for me at least) that you finish reading, and then need time to reflect on (and then need to read the book again) to decide if you really liked it. I found it disturbing, but also interesting and well-written, and I think that books that really touch you tend to leave you unsettled, so it's not bad to be disturbed when you finish a book. I've been wanting to reread it lately, so maybe this is the "push" I need to do that.

    Enjoy, then report back here and let us know what you thought of the book!


  3. I LOVE Poisonwood Bible. Read it years and years ago and it's still so vivid in my mind!


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