Happy Birthday, Little Dude!

So today my BABY turns 7. I get all weepy the day before because it's one more year closer to them growing up and leaving. (Yeah, now who's the baby?)

I begged him to stay 6, but he was having none of that. So this morning he awoke to a Halo Lego Set, bubbles from the sister, and a new bike. He was less than thrilled about the bike, but if I'm going to make an investment like that it's going to be on a holiday of some sort. LOL! I wasn't hurt or surprised. I know my boy pretty well.

Saturday was his b-day party. It was a Star Wars Party, and Brett made an appearance as a Clone Trooper. This outfit was Joey's Make-a-Wish gift. I think it would make him happy to see it getting such good use. The back fence neighbors all came out to get a peek at Brett. And the kids kept trying to convince themselves that it really was "Jimmy's Dad." The shoes may have given it away. Eleven little boys wore me out, but my boy was happy so it was worth it. (Please ignore the dirt and weeds--the grass is coming in a few weeks!)

I hope he has a lovely day despite the yucky weather. :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! And what a wonderful thing to use Joey's Make A Wish gift. I am sure Joey was smiling at that sight!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jimmy! Wish we could have been there to celebrate! Hugs from Aunt Sandy and Jayden!!

  3. Love the Star Wars Make a Wish costume...I am sure that Joey is smiling down on his little brother's birthday party! My boys would love this!

  4. Happy birthday to him! Today is my daughter's 8th birthday, so I totally hear 'ya about how they're getting older! (*sigh*)
    Sounds like had a wonderful party! :)

  5. I just LOVE seeing pictures of him!!! He's soooo CUTE and funn!
    Happy Birthday!


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