Silly Me!!

So this lovely hd video camera makes its way to my house, and I'm thinking I'll just do some quick filming and upload to YouTube. No biggie.

Oh silly, naive little me!!

You try filming from your perspective. Where to put the camera? Do you film your face? Um no!! So then it's your hands you'll be focusing on. So now which way to turn the camera--obviously down, but now try to aim the camera at your hands. You either have to wear the camera like a coal miner's hat or else do everything upside down so it looks upside right in the camera. (I settled for a rigging of my own.)

Now to talk or not to talk. Suddenly the woman who has plenty to say is bashful. BASHFUL and no one is even watching her yet. Good grief! So I mumble through the filming, pretending like I know what I'm doing. My hands seem quite confident and move through the project rather well. It's training my hands and my mouth to work together that's the struggle. Ah well, we'll add in narration to the film.

Ok. Film done.

We're ready to MAKE A MOVIE!! Open up Moviemaker. What?!! It doesn't accept MP4 files? Are you kidding me? It won't communicate with my shiny new ORANGE camera?!! Nooooooo!

I run breathlessly into my husband's office (he works from home). "I NEED HELP!" I cry desparately.

He tries a few things. I stomp off pretending that I have better things to do like laundry.

"Well, I think we're going to have to try another program like Adobe Premier. I've downloaded the trial version for you," he calmly replies after a few hours of his lunch break and evening time.

Whatever. It's not like I had ever used Moviemaker before. Wandering in the dark on one planet versus another doesn't phase me (or so I wanted to believe).

Well, Adobe Premier Elements is NOT for dummies. You actually have to know some things about sound mixing and clips and all things movie-ish. Seriously? I can't just tell it what I want and it waves it magical programmed wand and creates an Emmy winning movie? Drat!

First version.
Second version.
Third version.
Fourth version. (Oh, and did you know that when you use a trial version, get everything all done and upload it to YouTube is has a lovely watermark running RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER of EVERY shot?!! Nope. Not kidding.)
Purchase full program.
Fifth version.

Did I really volunteer to do this? What did I think was going to happen? An Oscar would arrive at my doorstep? Who's great idea was this anyway? And where do those fabulous videographers in the scrapbook world get off making it look so easy?

Ok, I think I've got the hang of it.

What? No sound. Now what?

Ok. That's working. Now to click the button to quickly and easily load it into YouTube.

Rendering. What is that?

It's going to take me how long? Well, I suppose I could go back to pretending to do laundry for an hour or TWO!!

Ah. It's done. Now to check it out at YouTube.

YouTube has to process it? Seriously?!!

It's a conspiracy. I know it. Another 30 minutes? Well, I guess there's always more laundry.

I won't even confess how many hours (and days) it took me to make a 10 minute video. I'll just pretend that like my 13 year old daughter, I popped off a fabulous movie within a few hours.

Yeah. I WISH!

(As for the movie, it won't even be available from until March 20th. And no--the wait won't be worth it. I'm just sayin'.)


  1. Oh...I had so much fun reading this!!! You're one talented and funny lady! ;)

  2. Is this what is meant by "enduring to the end"?

  3. Oh my...
    that was a fun read ... ....
    can't wait to see the video. I am sure it is fantastic!

  4. Nothing is ever as easy as you think it will be, LOL! Can't wait to see it!


  5. At least you even attempted it, I would be lost or calling my 13 year old :)

  6. hahahhahahaha.

    oh my jen. this scenario, is the *exact* reason, i haven't purchased a silhuoette just yet.

    i'm scared. LOL.

  7. that was hilarious jen! and i'm sure it will totally be worth it, when it premieres ;)

  8. Oh my word I am laughing so hard right now! You are so funny! I can't wait to see your prized movie :)


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