Hoping to "WOW" You a Little

Every Wednesday I write up a tutorial for the Scrapbook Trends blog in an effort to help share tips and techniques I've learned (or am learning). This week I've gone back to my roots--ok, well my roots are really probably sticker sneeze and paper dolls; but beyond that dark moment in history I've always had a thing for buttons.

So for this week's "Work It Out Wednesday" I did a write-up on some of the techniques that I use for adding buttons to my page. I will confess to my personal blog readers and state that I RARELY if ever stitch buttons onto my layouts. I'm too lazy. Hey this is coming from someone who uses their sewing machine ONLY for scrapbooking. You really shouldn't be all that surprised. :)

Here's the finished layout for WOW #28: Buttons (some options). Can you spot the four button techniques I've used on this page (without first cheating and following the links to the ST blog)?

Those little munchkins in the photo are my niece and nephew. Thank you, Heather, for having gorgeous babies that I get to kiss on. It really was thoughtful of you. Ok, truthfully ALL my nieces and nephews are gorgeous--I think we're really taking unfair advantage of the genetic gene pool. :)

Worked on Cards for Kids today and yesterday. Strange how having been through terrible illness with Joey and even losing him I still don't have words powerful enough to ease someone else's burden. That bothers me. I feel as if I should have something to say--some offering of peace. I have to remember, though, that I was uplifted by others just remembering our pain and sorrow. It was allowing me to grieve and to recognize my pain that helped me. But I still wish that I could spare other families the mentally and physically exhausting suffering of your child being sick. I often say it's a parent's worst nightmare--and I don't mean that lightly in any shape or form. To watch as your child suffers is excruciating, but you have to stand strong because it ISN'T about you--it's about your child and they need you to be strong so you can support them. What a terribly difficult place for families. My thoughts, prayers and heart go out to all families who deal with loss through divorce, illness, death, or any negative life-changing events. In my book, loss is loss and we can't compare our experiences fully with another human being because when you're in the middle of loss it's all consuming.

So a card may not seem like much, but it's a gesture of bigger things I have within my heart that I'm not humanly capable of giving. I suppose I'm a little surprised at how difficult it is to address these cards to the mom and dad of a sick little boy or girl or to the big or little brother or sister who feels displaced, confused, and scared. It's so hard sometimes to know how to help.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. You inspire me.


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