Hero Arts Giveaway and Step 1 Towards Better Photos!

First of all, Scrapbook Trends blog has a great stamp set giveaway going on this week. Be sure to leave a comment to be included in the random drawing!

And secondly, because of all your great advice I went to the local library and checked out some books. One of which has the word "Dummies" in it. Should I be offended or should I be grateful that they get what level I'm at? LOL! I'm going to take my camera, sit on my bed and move dials this week. Then I'll start spending time outdoors taking photos of probably a teddy bear or something since my kids are FAR less patient.

One other book that I picked up was CS4 for photographers. I'm even more excited about that since I feel like I have at least a minimal grasp of PS. So fun!! (It has LOADS of pictures and it looks like something I might actually understand.)

Keep those tips coming! I think I will start posting questions in the 2Peas Photography Board. Everyone there seems so nice and helpful!

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  1. Way to go you will have so much fun. Stuffed animals make great models LOL. I only know that because my four daughters were not too cooperative while I was going through my online photography class and when I really needed to practice.


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