Happy December!!

Can you believe it? As my son would say "this is the Christmas month." We are all excited at our house. The kids' shopping is done. Now I just have to finish up extended family and the hubby. And then I hope to do activities like bake cookies and deliver goodies to the neighbors. Brett and I are crazy busy with work this month so I'm extra glad the trees went up early this month.

The Garden is up at 2Peas today, and the theme this month is "2 Pagers." I love 2 pagers so I really enjoyed this theme. I'll share some of mine and then I want to point out some other fabulous designs by my fellow Garden Girls.

The first is actually a product focus, which was American Crafts "Baby Flair." This cutie pie is my niece Amelia. You can see more photos of the project and my supply list here.

(I used the Silhouette Machine to cut the title and the title label. I'm really loving my machine!)

This next one is a Joey one. I was having a terrible "missing Joey" day yesterday. It's amazing how the grief can bubble up so unexpectedly. I was looking through Katelyn's baby book and saw photos of him as a little guy and it was so painful. More on that later (I want this to be an upbeat post).

Katelyn pointed out that Joey is usually smiling in his photos, and he really was a smiley kid. You can see additional photos and the supplies at 2Peas here.

My last one is (gasp) a themed layout: soccer. I think because for work I often do themed layouts that for 2Peas I prefer just emotional layouts. But I have a lot of "events" that need to be scrapped as well. You can see the supplies and more photos here at 2Peas.

(You know you're a scrapbooker, when you can talk to your sister over the phone and ask for a color recommendation and she and you can talk in Bazzill colors. Hee, hee. Thanks, sis!)

Ok, now I've GOT to share some of my friends' designs. They are amazing.

* Mary MacAskill is just amazing. I love this "Duck to Water" layout so much!!

* Jen Jockish has the phenomenal ability to include all these delicious details. Don't miss this one!!

* Stephanie Dagan just needs to do all my photography and layouts. Man, she's amazing. Check out this 2 pager.

* And Kristina Werner's digital layout just "rocks." Hee, hee.

So many, many other fabulous layouts. Be sure to check them out in the Garden. Wishing you and yours a very happy December 1st. :)


  1. You constantly amaze and inspire me! LOOOOVE these so much! Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! Yep! You did it again! and I agree with you St├ęphanie has a special touch!


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