Feeling Grateful!

It has been a very busy month in my church congregation, and I'm feeling very grateful to those women that I get to serve with. The meals that are delivered, the gifts for the angel tree so carefully purchased and wrapped, the visits made--all these little acts of service just amaze and inspire me. I feel very blessed to serve with such good women. Sometimes it's overwhelming to see how good people can be! I just needed to put that out there to thank all the families in our ward.

On another note, I can hardly believe that Santa comes tomorrow night. I know our Santa gets a little paranoid about forgetting something and checks his list about 10 times to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Our Santa even goes so far as to put everything out to see how it "looks" visually. Because it should look to each child that they got the same amount of items. Oh the work that poor Santa has to go through. Hee, hee.

Yesterday I got to hang with my boy at his 1st Grade Christmas Party. Oh his teacher is an absolute saint. How teachers deal with sugared-up, excited and large bodies of children is an absolute miracle!! She looked worn out and ready for a break. I'm so grateful for good teachers in my children's lives.

Kate made the school play!! My not-so-little girl tried out for a MUSICAL. Yep a muscial--my girl with no dance or singing background went to the auditions, learned the dance, and sang a solo to try out. I had no idea she could do those things as after her very first dance class she was totally over it. I think the girl has a fearlessness that I've never had--obviously. She is an undercover fairy. Sounds intruiging doesn't it?!! It's a Princess Pageant--and that's about all I know about it. She's going to be very busy starting in January with practices. I love how when kids sign up for things--Mom automatically does too.

The kids are off today so perhaps (and I emphasize perhaps) we will do some baking today. Anyone that knows me knows that my idea of baking consists of burning a sugar cookie candle and opening a box of Oreos. But I think maybe with a few hours I could handle turning on my oven. If that doesn't work out, then I will head to the local grocery store for some store bought goodness.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday!


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    So glad you are enjoying the holidays! Your layouts have been such an inspiration to me! Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. merry christmas, jen - hope you and your family have a most blessed holiday!

  3. I say go the extra mile this year and open a chocolate covered oreo box!

  4. merry, merry Christmas beautiful! i hope you make magical memories with your family over the next few days. xoxo, tania

  5. Thank you for the kind words, Jen. Please send my huge congratulations to Kate! :) You're such an inspiration to me( i'm a certified lurker of your blog).

    Merry Xmas, from my heart, to your home.


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