Evidence that My Teenager Secretly Still Likes Me!

Yesterday I woke up to find this waiting downstairs for me . . .

She had made cinnamon toast, muffins, warmed up the waffles, scrambled eggs, homemade hashbrowns and Kool-aid for breakfast. She stayed up until almost midnight the night before decorating too. What a sweetheart!! Then she and the littlest boy played board games with me. I won once and she won once. They gave me the sweetest gifts: a thesaurus from Kate, Whoppers from James, and a magazine from the hubby (who had already thoroughly spoiled me on Friday). It was a beautiful day!
On the jeans front: I came home with some very on sale Boyfriend jeans from American Eagle, a pair from Vanity which should be shot for making me figure out how to read jeans sizes the same way a man does (now that's depressing to know your waist and inseam), and a pair of Diva jeans from Old Navy--what does that say about me? You should have seen the look on my dd's face when I told her I got a pair of skinny jeans. Apparently 37 is just WAAAAAAAY too old to pull that off, but when she saw them on her response was, "Oh they're not that bad!" I consider that a compliment. ;)
Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes. Now it's on to finishing up Christmas. Can you believe it's next week? CRAZY!!


  1. Happy Birthday! And I'm so happy that you were happy and content and that you were so deservingly SPOILED!
    God bless!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good one.


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