A Couple of Hot Dates!!

Yesterday I had a date with the other man in my life. Jimmy invited me to stay for lunch with him after volunteering in his classroom. He's very protective of me and wasn't sure he wanted any of his friends sharing a table with us. He hugs on me the entire I'm there, and I just eat it up. I told him that his dad was jealous that I was on a date with another boy. He giggled. He did, however, tell me that the next time I come I'd better get all my chores done so I can stay longer (I had to run errands after lunch). Funny how one child can't get enough of me and my teenager would DIE if I came to school and had lunch with her. LOL!

But who could resist a lunch date with this little dude:

Today the main man in my life took the day off to take me birthday shopping (my birthday is on Sunday). We've discovered that cash gifts work quite well to maintaining the balance in our marriage. Hee, hee. I'm off to find some jeans that hide the negatives and accentuate the positives. He's so excited to be my shopping buddy--not. ;) But it's my birthday and I'll drag the dh around if I want to. Smooches, babe!!

The willing victim:
Keep your fingers crossed that they've invented jeans that I actually could love!! ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to you - from another Dec 13th bday gal!! Kinda fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Your hubby is very sweet to go with you! I hate finding jeans, but once I do it's worth it! Enjoy your day! :)

  3. Oh, Jimmy is such a sweetheart! Good luck with jean shopping & enjoy your day!

  4. How fun...happy birthday! Have fun shopping...I love Limited Jeans - Cassidy style...I haven't shopped there in years and they fit a mom of four very well! Trendy yet comfortable!

  5. Your baby boy is adorable!


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