Sometimes Being a Girl Doesn't Rock So Much

Hormones and I don't always get along, and lately I've felt so grouchy and kinda depressed, and I'm like "Why? I love my life. I have cool things to do today so why do I feel like this?" It's annoying and sometimes exhausting feeling yucky this way with no real explanation. Total side note, but I knew you would understand. ;)

Yesterday I started a new class at 2Peas. It's a DIY Holiday gift class that I'm hosting with Jen Jockish (she's so awesome). She created a very cool vintage looking frame for holding gift cards, which you can drool over here.

I created three gifts for neighbors using items you can probably find around your house but decorate all cute and stuff. You can download the pdf here for mine.

I also wanted to point out some new calls from Scrapbook Trends Magazine. One is for a new idea book, which you can check out here. And here is the current magazine call. Puh-lease submit!! I love seeing your work in print. So fun!! The new idea book is for all kinds of crafting so let's see what you've got!

And here's one more Little Yellow Bicycle layout to share with you. One to get me started on my day. Today I'm playing with new Karen Foster product, writing a ST blog entry, and working on a layout for 2Peas. Should be a busy yet fun day!

This layout uses the Family Elements tablet, which you can purchase here at 2Peas.


  1. Oh Jen, I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. Sometimes I want to write how tired I am of being up all night with the kids, and I do mean all night, let me also say that this has been going on for 6.5years too! Then I think people might take it up wrong and that I am saying I wish I wasn't a parent. I love my kids, I am just so tired of being kept awake all night and having to function the next day as normal! I know you love your life and it is a good life. Sometimes, we just get, well tired of it. Amen and here here sister!!!!! ;-)Hope things get better for you.

  2. Yes, I know exactly how you feel. And why is it that we can coherently say "I don't want to feel like this" and yet we still do. Crappy.

    So we are you giving those cute neighbor things to? ;)

  3. Hi, I'm french and I'm in the DT of a blog called "Un air de Scrap". It's a blog with challenges about scrap and we'll propose some ideas for christmas time. Could you send me some picture of your Twopeas project for christmas because I would like to publish your work on our blog? It's so amazing!If you agree of course? We'll give your name of course.
    Thanks a lot


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