Yep. It really snowed yesterday. Mostly in the mountains, but when I ventured out (despite this nasty cold) to go to the grocery store it was snowing. CRAZY!! I know that it's fall and that can mean anything from warm weather to mid-winter weather, but I'm NOT ready. :( Hopefully after this cold front moves out we can have some more moderately warm weather.

We took a sick day yesterday. We ALL have it now. Coughing, sneezing, sore throats, and the kids have fevers. I don't believe I've had one unless it's during the night. Kate is especially sick poor thing. We're going to try school today. Junior High is hard to miss because the homework just piles up. Jimmy has an orthopedic doctor's appointment this morning and then we'll send him on to school as well. Wish us luck!!

I need to get back to the things that make life run smoothly, but it's hard to feel motivated when you're sick (ok, it's hard for me to feel motivated a lot of the time). Before I go and wake the kids for the day, here are my Garden seeds for today's Garden.

The theme this month is Typography. This first one is using die cuts and printed words. You can see the details, more photos, and purchase supplies here:

And this next one uses rub-ons. You can see all the details for this one here:

And here is my last one, which is my favorite. I used fonts to create a cool layered title. (And I'm super proud of my daugher running for Student Council, who handled it beautifully even when she didn't win. She really is one of my heroes!) You can find the layout here: And my last one is a Product Focus, in which I used the Making Memories signage from the "Just Chill" line. They are great little metal signs that are perfect for cards or layouts. And they are deeply discounted right now. You can see this layout here: Well, I'm off to wake the hooligans. Hopefully they are feeling much better. :)


  1. You are so clever! LOVE every single one of these!

  2. grrrr, we got snow too--seriously?? I'm sooo not ready for it!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your layouts--you totally rocked the theme, like I knew you would!


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