I'm Alive!!

I made it--on all four flights!! With lots and lots of praying and some sedatives I was able to be coherent, and complete the flights without losing my lunch or passing out. In fact, I was pretty relaxed. I am SO, SO grateful!! I wouldn't say that I love flying, but to know that I can do it again makes me so happy I can't even express it. I hate having things control my life and facing my biggest fear was just amazing!!

We loved visiting Savannah again. Here are some reasons why:

An art school that hosts its own film festival, and BIG names come. (No we missed it by one week.)

Streets that still have cobblestones from its founding!

Forsyth Park. WHOA!!

Wildlife at the beach.

Lunch at the Crab Shack!

Things I do NOT miss: evil sand knats. :(

We were able to see some of our lovely friends from three years ago, including Joey's best friend, Michael, which was a difficult but sweet visit. I had so many other friends I wanted to see, but two days just doesn't give you nearly enough time to do it all. So hugs to you! (And Julie, you'd better post a smiley face when you read this.)

Thank you for all your sweet and supportive thoughts. I was scared to death, and I am SO happy to be back at home again!


  1. Here is the website for you to book your next tickets: www.alaskaair.com. Hee, hee! Glad you had a good trip, way to get over your fears!!

  2. YAY! Glad you had a great time! :)

  3. You go girl! and what are you doing awake a 5am?

  4. YAY for you! I new you could do it!!

  5. Good for you Jen! I bet you have found a new sense of freedom now! We won't be able to keep you in one place!

  6. It was so good to see you! I had to do a double take thinking wait a minute!! That can't be Jen. It has been 4 years!! You looked fabulous and I wish we had time to catch up. Best wishes to you and your family.


  7. :-) love you and am so glad we had the chance to see you!
    Hopefully I can talk rusty into coming out your way!


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