I Survived!

Ok, I am questioning my personal sanity for even having a garage sale on a cold, October morning; but it went fairly well. Of course comments like "You must have a lot of time on your hands," while digging through my scrapbooking supplies is something I never hear enough of. And people that want to pay nothing for something is also irritating, but I get it--times are hard and garage sales are for bargaining. But it's over and done with and with the proceeds I was able to purchase two entertainment towers for the TV, and that was my goal so I'm happy. But I'm thrilled that it's too cold to do it again until Spring (which means of course that by then I will have forgotten all about the woes of garage sales).

Have been crazy busy lately, which is good but also exhausting. Have a big deadline for Karen Foster. Need to write an article for an upcoming REALLY cool idea book from Scrapbook Trends. The kids have the weekend off so I need to entertain them. And laundry somehow multiplied and divided and I spent nearly 14 hours yesterday washing and folding (and I'm STILL not done). Good grief. I only have the two kids.

Over at 2Peas, I'm in charge of the Weekly Challenge, and I'd love for you to play along. Just create a scene on a layout (it can be using die cuts, stickers, photos, or whatever). Then just upload it and be sure to check the appropriate challenge box when doing so. Then you just might win a prize from one of our fabulous sponsors. Here's my layout:

There are lots of awesome things going on over at 2Peas. Kelly Purkey is teaching a Typography class here, which goes nicely with our monthly theme. There are a bunch of challenges and HUGE prizes for Stampoberfest here. (How about $700 in prizes from American Crafts?) And be sure to check out the sales in the shopping section!! There are some really marked down items.

One last note, and a sobering one. My heart goes out to the American Fork Marching Band who lost one of their beloved teachers in a bus crash this weekend. It is amazing the sacrifices people will make in an effort to care for others.


  1. Darling page! I love how you used the MME die cuts! I'm glad to hear the garage sale went well! :D

  2. I've just discovered your blog! How fun!

  3. I was so sorry to hear about the passing of Heather Christensen over here too. What a special teacher. As well as mourning their loss, her family must also be very proud of her. I have to say, I had a lump in my throat when I heard the people speak about what she had done. She was surely a special lady.

    I'm delighted to hear that the garage sale went well. I was wondering how you got on. Just imagine how many other things you can horde and gather up for the Spring :-) and then have a big blitz. Spring cleaning at it's best especially when you earn some $$$ doing it!Love the layout too!

  4. 14 hours of laundry! Well now I don't feel so bad that mine is NEVER done! :) Glad to hear there is so much for other people too!


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