Strange Dreams and Dental Distress

So Mr. Jimmy had a rough day at the dentist yesterday. He's never had a shot before, cavities that were filled, but no shot. I did not warn him beforehand. I believe in letting the dentist walk him through the process. Besides usually dental shots pinch rather than sharply sting like a regular shot. But it did NOT go well, and we have another appointment scheduled for next week to use the Nitrous Oxide gas instead and then fill the tooth. Poor baby (and poor mama for the worry, stress, and the return visit). I am so NOT a fan of the dentist office. :( He came home and slept for 4 hours. I think we were both a little traumatized.

It was a weird day all along with an additional and big meltdown at soccer, and then I had VERY strange dreams last night. I typically do have very entertaining dreams, and so I decided to write about it. This week's challenge over at 2Peas is to cover a layout in journaling. I always seem to have a lot to say (LOL) so that didn't seem like too much of a stretch. Here's the final result:

You can see and purchase the digital kits by following the links here.

Let's hope for a more peaceful weekend, shall we?!!


  1. Poor Jimmy, he is having quite a time of it recently! Sweet baby! I hope your weekend is filled with sweet dreams about warm sunny beaches, a good book and a comfy sun lounger!

  2. He has had some tough times lately huh! Great LO! tfs

  3. poor guy!
    awesome layout!

  4. I know exactly how he feels! I have to use the Nitris Oxide myself. Poor guy.

  5. poor little guy!! Love your layout - i need to journal more - i have pretty whimpy journaling on my layouts! It was great having lunch with you - thanks for the schtuff!!

  6. how fun! i didn't even know you had a blog! it's been a treat getting to know you through your thoughts. wanted to say thanks for stopping by the other day. your card was gorgeous...i can see you have made plenty beautiful similar pages, cards, etc. what a talent. anyway, thanks again!


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