Punch Heaven!!

Coming back from taking a friend to the airport I stopped in at a lss and found this baby:

Awesome, huh?!!! I'm so happy. It's 1 3/4", but I think I'll go back and get the smaller one which is 1 1/2". I love this shape, and although I have it on my Silhouette machine sometimes I just want to grab and go. Plus this will cut through thin metal and cork. Suh-weet!!

What else do I have my eye on? Loads of things--of course. :) Here are a few:

Christmas buttons from Making Memories. (I think these will go with everything.)

And these pins from that same line. Yummers!!

And this new "Rough and Tough" paper from Fancy Pants just speaks to me:

And this "Fallin in Love" digi kit from Michelle Underwood. I mean, seriously?!!

Tomorrow is "cast off" and "dentist" day. Wish me luck. I'm already stressing over it. I haven't told the boy about the dentist. I will wait and see how the cast goes. It's going to be a VERY long day. I know it. :(


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hey Jen! Love your blog and your work:) just a comment on the dentist thing. see if he/she has the numbing stuff to swab on before using the needle. my dentist uses it and it's great. ALL children's dentists should have that stuff:) (and it's great for us not so brave adults too!) linda in ohio

  2. yummy stuff!! Good luck at the dentist!!

  3. I have that punch in both sizes. I love it! I know you'll enjoy it too.


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