New Garden!!

I love the 1st and 15th of every month because it means EYE CANDY over at 2Peas. :) This month the theme is "Found Objects." That leaves it wide open to interpretation and a fun theme to work with.

My first one is using the bag my daughter got when she got her ears pierced. I just cut it down to add to the page. You can see the supply list here.

And then this one made me laugh, but it uses my son's hospital bracelet from the ER visit from when he broke his arm. The journaling is all the funny stuff he said to us while we were sitting there waiting for an X-ray. I tell ya. Life with him is NEVER boring.

And then each month we have a product that we focus on. I had two separate ones. The first is a Maya Road chipboard heart book. I'll show you the first page, but you can see the remaining pages here.

And then I did another book, which is a really cool shape. Perfect for 4X6 photos. :) I used Halloween products but it's a book about my family's laughter and craziness so I thought those little faces were just perfect. (Don't you think googly eyes just make a project better?) Again, I'll show you the first page and you can check out the rest here.

And check out the American Crafts blog again this week. ;)


  1. Jen -

    Absolutely LOVED your projects in the garden -- just wonderful!!!!!!!

  2. woah! and very cool to see you on the AC blog! awesome!

  3. ok, I love the page from when Jimmy broke his arm - he cracks me up! And great pics!

    And I love, love, love the book about laughter with stuff about each of you. That is a treasure for sure. Good work. :)

  4. awesome projects Jen - thanks so much again for meeting me - and the product! xoxo


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