That's the Way We Roll!

So yesterday I took the munchkin to his first day of 1st Grade. We were warned before we took him to his class that there were going to be "no kisses", but we were rewarded with a quick hug before he scooted in and sat at his desk. He doesn't need me any more. It was a little hard to see, but at the same time I'm thrilled he's so happy! Here he is (this is "I'm excited but your photography is annoying me face.").

And then I took Skyler (one of my young women from GA), Katelyn and her friend up to Temple Square where we saw this:

But on the way home as I was driving through a construction zone, I heard a horrible thud and crack and saw that my passenger van door window had been shattered by what I assume was a rock. Lovely!! Here's that little adventure photo:

The inside of the window looks like this (it looks like I've trapped a fuzzy something or other in the glass):

But before all that trauma I cranked out another LYB "Autumn Bliss" layout. Once again can I just say how I love the textures in this release: felt, sheer, shimmer, and embossed. So pretty. This layout reminds me of calmer times:

So it was an eventful day. The window people are coming today to replace my window. (I didn't appreciate my little van so much until I had to drive the hubby's Oldsmobile WITHOUT air conditioning on a 98 degree day. Sweaty!!)

So how was your yesterday? LOL!


  1. Nothing like a first day of school! I DO NOT miss driving on i-15!

  2. Jen, you are so AMAZING!!! When are we going to get together again?! My friend and I will be at Archivers on the 12th of Sept if you want to join us! It's been way too long!

  3. ok.....I LOVE his face!!!

  4. The first thought I had when I saw Jimmy making that funny face was how much like Joey he looked, up until now, I haven't really seen any particular likeness. Wow, it blew me away :-)

    My yesterday was great fun. It started off with a crop at a local Quaker Meeting house where none other than YOUR name was mentioned several times :-). Then Cameron had a party to go to and after that we had friends over last night to help celebrate our wedding anniversary early (it's not till Tuesday). We had a super fun night and it was so relaxed. I love to spend time with friends, great to re-charge the batteries after a long summer.


  5. LOVE your blog! You are an amazing lady! :)


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