Oooh, I'm Playful and Graphic! LOL!

Over at 2Peas they have been advertising Garden Girls one by one by giving us a descriptive summary and then linking everyone to our Garden Gallery. Mine went up today and I'm "playful and graphic." It's fun to learn how other people perceive you. I like that description! Thanks, Mel!!

The Garden went up on Saturday. I had a school layout which documents my son's terrible behavior at his Kindergarten graduation. You can find the supply list and more photos of this layout here.

And then we had one more pattern paper themed layout, and I chose to add photos to a pattern paper grid. VERY cute paper from K&Co. You can see the layout here.

And then I couldn't go without pointing out some of the other design team's awesome work:

* Wendy Bretz is an amazingly clean and graphic designer. Love this back-to-school layout!

* And something in the colors of this layout by Margie just make me want to PAINT!!

* And Cindy Liebel knocked it out of the park with all the gorgeous pp's she used on this cute teddy bear layout.

On another note, my oldest is headed out to Junior High tomorrow. She's both excited and nervous. I'm happy for her. And then Jimmy goes to 1st grade on Wednesday. What a busy week it's going to be. :)


  1. it's been fun reading your descriptions on 2peas. playful and graphic ... i can see that in your layouts! i'll never forget when paperkuts magazine labeled me as "cottage style" or something close to that (apparently, i don't remember enough to remember the exact description. lol!). i had no idea what they were trying to say about me. lol!

    hope your daughter is enjoying jr high so far. my oldest is in 8th grade now ... can't get over that still.

  2. Graphic? So I'm guessing it's not the same kind of graphic as what people use to describe my sailor mouth eh? Nope, didn't think so. ;)
    You playful chick you!


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